Multiscreen & OTT 2017

Digital TV Europe brings you the annual online update on some of the current big issues in the business of Multiscreen & OTT.

Part 1. New mobile content
Business plans and prospects of mobile-centric emerging services targeted at millennials and Generation Z cohorts. These include formats such as short-form drama as well as lifestyle services, eSports and other new genres.

Part 2.  Targeted advertising
A look at the importance of targeted advertising as a way of making money from OTT. Is there a significant untapped market for targeting in TV advertising? What kind of collaborative models will be necessary if content providers and platforms are to maximize the value of advertising?

Part 3. Amazon’s European channels
Amazon recently launched its channels initiative in Europe, launching a range of subscription options for Prime members in the UK, Germany and Austria. How big a challenge does the move pose to the traditional pay TV model and what benefits does Amazon’s platform offer content distributors looking to cut through in an increasingly crowded content market?

Part 4. Cloud TV
Challenges and opportunities provided by cloud technology for the delivery of TV services. Based on a recent round-table organised by Digital TV Europe, we investigate the migration of headend infrastructure to the cloud and look at some of the key emerging applications such as live-streaming, personalised TV and cloud DVR.