The Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2016

pOFC-DTVE-Survey-2016In this, the most wide-ranging survey Digital TV Europe has ever carried out, we distil the experience and opinions of industry executives and experts across all the key topic areas currently being discussed at conferences and trade events.

The Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2016 is based on the responses of 375 industry figures from 44 countries to a series of questions on six broad topics.

We look at views on the overall digital TV landscape – in particular at the overall prospects of the pay TV business, the advent of OTT and the changing pattern of consumer behaviour. Next, we assess the TV experience, taking in how features such as interactive guides, content enrichment tools, on-demand portals and search and recommendation features could be used by platform operators to differentiate their offerings.

Third, we look at OTT TV – taking in the role of IP-based delivery to pay TV providers, the impact of new OTT entrants and the evolution of new business models. Next, we assess respondents’ current experience and plans for UHD TV services and their views on the emerging standards that support it.

We also look at the importance of TV everywhere delivery to operators and others and the way consumers’ patterns of viewing behaviour are changing. And finally, we assess the potential of big data, taking in the actual and potential uses of data to help develop new business models and some of the challenges associated with it.

The survey results, presented here in full, give a fascinating, unrivaled snapshot of how the industry views its own present state and future prospects.

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