DTVE September Issue 2016


Virtual reality and 360° video are all the rage at the moment, with mobile operators, games companies and – not to be forgotten – TV operators and companies vying to get a piece of the action. In this issue of Digital TV Europe we will look at what content providers and others are doing in the space and investigate whether they see a significant application for them in the future. We also look at how VR’s supporting technology is evolving.

Mobile telecom operators are among those taking a keeninterest in VR, reflecting the fact that mobile devices are increasingly used to consume video outside the home. In this edition, DTVE assesses the mobile video ecosystem and looks at how video delivery is having an impact on and shaping the next generation of mobile technology.

With traditional TV increasingly perceived to be underthreat, broadcasters are beginning to take a keener interest in ways to safeguard their core revenue stream – advertising. Here we look at the opportunity for free-to-air broadcasters to use data to protect the future of their business – and potentially make additional revenue – thanks to targeted advertising.

Finally, we look forward to the industry highlight of the year, the Content Innovation Awards in Cannes, France on October 16.