DTVE November/December 2019

The intersection of content and technology is the topic to which most of our editorial coverage in Digital TV Europe is dedicated. In this issue we highlight different perspectives on ways in which technology can be used to enhance content distribution.

First, our headline interview in this issue is with Sergio Oslé Varona, president of Spanish pay TV platform Movistar+, which is offered as part of Telefónica’s multi-play bundle. Oslé, who will speak at December’s Video Exchange Streaming in London, outlines Movistar+’s approach to content and why service providers need to be more than simple aggregators of apps.

Second, December also sees the inaugural edition of Digital TV Europe’s VideoTech Innovation Awards at London’s 116 Pall Mall. This will honour some of the leading-edge technologies that are transforming the business of content distribution. Our two-part preview feature highlights some of the big technology trends that underpin the awards and includes our fill shortlist of finalists.

Finally, we interview individual award winners Julien Signes and Sjef Pijnenburg and talk to the CEO and strategy chief of Partner Communications, whose head of TV and technologies, Ronen Gutmanovitz, is also an individual award winner this year.

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