DTVE May/June 2017 issue


This issue of Digital TV Europe takes a look at some innovations in technology that could profoundly disrupt the current TV business, from content creation via distribution to the point of delivery.

First we look at a key development that could have a serious impact on the kind of content that is created and consumed over the next few years: virtual reality. VR as an enabler of entertainment experiences is still in its infancy, but its obvious application in gaming may foreshadow the ‘gamification’ of content more generally and a deeper shift in the kind of entertainment experiences people seek out.

Also in this issue of DTVE, we look at some of the choices facing service providers as they look to cloud technology to make the delivery of TV more efficient and scalable – opening up new end-user applications such as cloud DVR, targeted advertising, and innovation in the user experience.

The large-scale adoption by operators of cloud-based IP video is, of course, only possible if bandwidth is available to deliver it to end users. This issue will look at the ways cable operators are expanding the bandwidth available to them and extending the life of their coaxial plant further.