DTVE June/July issue 2015

image (1)The migration of TV distribution to IP, along with growth in non-linear viewing and viewing of content on multiple screens, is now seen as an inexorable trend, with major implications for broadcasters, network providers and regulators.

In this issue of Digital TV Europe we look at two aspects of the shift: the impact on terrestrial broadcasting of demand for mobile capacity and the battle for spectrum, principally driven by expected growth in IP video; and the impact on cable and the need to deliver more broadband capacity.

Second, we look at the next major upgrade for the cable industry: the shift to DOCSIS 3.1 and the potential upgrade of networks to 1.2GHz. The demand for more capacity is being driven once again by growth in IP video. Operators are also looking to extend the life of their HFC networks without an expensive all-fibre upgrade as telecom competitors invest in FTTH.

Demand for broadband capacity is likely to be accelerated still further by UHD video, which is expected to emerge first via OTT services. In this edition we look at issues surrounding the security of UHD, particularly over IP networks.

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