DTVE June/July 2018 issue

June is the month of ANGA COM and it is therefore only appropriate that our feature article this month should be on broadband cable technology.

Cable operators are increasingly focusing on broadband as the key weapon in their multi-play arsenal as they compete to win and retain customers. Increasingly, it seems that speed rather than content is king for multi-play service providers. We take a look at the broadband network investment strategies of cable operators and the tools available to enable them to compete with fibre and other fixed-line competitors.

Virtual reality has been the object of much hype over the last couple of years although some of the buzz around the technology has faded recently. However, industry players are still busy developing new applications. We look at what inspires VR creatives and assess how the companies behind these initiatives view their prospects.

The concept of the smart home has also been the object of much hype and has long been seen as a potential new market for fixed and mobile service providers. We take a look at the role pay TV and broadband service providers can play in this market. Are their subscribers willing to pay monthly fees for smart home services that would justify an investment in these technologies? What kind of strategy would make sense for service providers? We take a look at whether it makes sense to bundle smart home services with other services such as pay TV and broadband.

Elsewhere in this issue of Digital TV Europe, we take a look at some of the key technologies that will be on show at ANGA COM and provide our usual mix of news and insight into some of the key industry developments of the last month.