DTVE April/May issue 2016

DTVE-AprMay16-OFCThe user experience is something that people professionally involved in the digital TV business have been hearing more and more about over the last couple of years. In this issue of Digital TV Europe we look at how the user experience is evolving and how content discovery is taking centre stage, with voice-based technologies in particular coming to the fore.

We also look at some of the practical steps being taken by pay TV service providers to use the growing amount of data available to them to drive uptake of their services, improve customer retention and shape their offerings as well as to build compelling advertising propositions.

Finally, the distribution of high-quality premium content via OTT networks – including UHD TV – requires additional security measures to guarantee that rights-holders’ revenue streams are not compromised. We look at how OTT security is evolving to meet the challenge.

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