DTVE April 2017 Channels issue

DTVE-Apr17-230Content distribution is changing. While the traditional linear TV channel still accounts for the lion’s share of viewing, consumption of video on mobile devices and on social media platforms is growing exponentially and the nature of what is popular is also shifting.

Vivendi has stepped up to deliver one of the first truly premium mobile video offerings – Studio+. In an exclusive interview, Vivendi content chairman Dominique Delport talks about what makes great mobile content and the company’s plans to build the platform.

Social networks are crucial to the successful marketing of content and are becoming increasingly important as distribution platforms in their own right. We look at the evolving social media strategies of content producers and channel providers, and the ways in which social platforms themselves are placing video front and centre of what they do.

One company that has clearly prioritised digital above all else is Modern Times Group. In this issue we also interview MTGx chief Arnd Benninghoff about why eSports and gaming now feature so large in MTG’s vision of the future..