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In the lead up to IBC, Digital TV Europe brings you its highly anticipated annual online coverage on the current big issues in the business of Multiscreen & OTT.

This series will include 4 parts, released every day during week of 22 July.

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This year’s edition includes:

Part 1. Direct to consumer services: the AVOD model
Advertising supported VOD is now emerging as a key battleground in the competition between streaming service providers.
In this section, we will assess and compare the strategies and business models of key international and local players.

Part 2. OTT live streaming: synchronicity and speed
Live streaming has been at the frontier of OTT TV for some time. This feature will look at the challenges of developing live streaming alongside over-the-air broadcasting.
Can live streaming match – or even surpass – the experience of broadcast viewing?

Part 3. Multiscreen OTT and 5G: a sporting chance
The feature will look at operators’ early-stage experiments to deliver high-resolution video, including live video, over 5G, and the technology requirements for 5G video. We will also assess the potential of 5G as a media platform in the future, including as a possible replacement for digital-terrestrial broadcasting.

Part 4. Subscription services: is there still room for growth?
Subscription video-on-demand has transformed the video distribution landscape, with global players such as Netflix and Amazon effectively disrupting traditional pay TV with a low-cost subscription model.

Is there room for more mass-market offerings? Can niche players build a successful business with highly-targeted propositions? The feature will look at a select number of case studies to cast some light on the likely future shape of the SVOD world.

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Copy deadline: 18 July • Publishing dates: 22, 23, 24, 25 July with the complete series released on 26 July