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How can I predict churn?

Patrick Byrden, Senior Director – Customer Solutions

Measuring viewership – or the amount of time someone spends watching content – has long been a metric that operators have used to identify if a customer is at risk of leaving their service. However, it has not proven to be the only reliable indicator and in fact, only allows you to predict churn with about 20% accuracy. At TiVo, we thought this could be improved and wanted to understand if a more personalised service helped to reduce churn. By analysing engagement – or the amount of times someone finds content via personalised search and recommendation – alongside viewership, we were able to predict 30 days in advance the customers who will churn, with 75% accuracy. We were also able to show that those people who used personalised content discovery to find content are three times less likely to churn, than those who found content by traditional methods.

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The STB isn’t dead.  It’s just transitioning again.

Mikolaj Zapala, Senior Director – Strategic Accounts

We always hear stories that the end of the era of the Set-Top Box (STB) is coming yet so far this has not happened. What is true is the role and type of STB has continued to transition to meet the needs of today’s consumer. The age of mass digitisation has happened, the deployment of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) rolls on but there is a move towards smaller, connected hybrid and IP-only boxes that allow operators to move functionalities like recording to the cloud and bring new streaming services into the homes of their customers.

One of the biggest areas of conversation in the industry is around the momentum that Android TV™ has gained in the market recently with operators. At TiVo we’re embracing Android TV and our latest CubiTV™ Solutions help operators leverage the advantages of access to Google Play and Google Assistant alongside TiVo’s expertise in deploying end-to-end Pay TV systems around the globe.

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