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The Euro50 Q&A: Vassilis Seferidis, Samsung

Samsung has emerged as a pioneer and industry leader in the fast growing connected TV world. Director, European business development Vassilis Seferidis heads up new business in Europe.

Age 46

Education BSc Physics,  MSc Telecomms,  PhD Electronic Systems Engineering,  MBA Cass Business School

Previous positions Co-Founder and CTO of QIO Systems Inc.; director of business development, Toshiba Information Systems;  head of consumer technology, Philips Electronics; head of R&D, British Telecom.

Last year’s highlights Introduction of Smart TVs and their fast adoption by users as the centre of their connected home.  First commercial deployments of home gateways and “whole-home DVR” services. Proliferation of tablet devices and related apps and services.

Most significant development Over-the-top quickly becoming a viable new delivery platform for premium TV services.

Goals for next year Commercial deployment of “multi-room” and “multi-screen” products and services in Europe.

Industry challenges and opportunities Overcoming the short-sighted view that cannibalisation of existing – ageing – services or products is bad business. My view on this is brilliantly summed by Steve Jobs: “If you do not cannibalise your own business someone else will do it for you”. Wise words!

Alternative career choice Cosmologist, (my BSc major).

TV character most identified with Bender in Futurama.

Most admired personality Steve Jobs (see explanation above!)

Life outside work Spend time with my family, Travel, Sailing

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