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The Euro50 Q&A: Tom Munro, Verimatrix

As CEO of Verimatrix, Tom Munro heads a company that has emerged as a leader in providing software-based security for IPTV service providers, helping transform the nature of the business. It is also highly active in delivering solutions for hybrid, multiscreen and OTT services.

Education Bachelor’s degree in business administration and an MBA from the University of Washington.

Previous positions President of Wireless Facilities, Inc; founder and CEO of @Market; CFO of Precision Digital Images.

Last year’s highlights We delivered a number of multi-screen projects to our customers, and we completed the acquisition of an excellent technology company (Comvenient, a DVB conditional access specialist based in Munich).  Our company passed an important milestone as we added our 500th operator customer.

Most significant industry development The embrace of multiscreen delivery by pay TV operators. It’s hard to believe that the iPad was launched less than two years ago, when it seems that every pay TV operator is now racing to support tablets along with mobile phones, BluRay players and connected TVs.

Goals for next year The complexity of multiscreen systems poses a huge challenge for pay TV operators. We have a great solution to abstract away much of the complexity and related cost. In 2012, our plan is to take a leading market position for those rollouts.

Challenges and opportunities Challenges are global economic concerns; patent litigation, and the complexity of multiscreen systems. Opportunities are the half-completed transition from analogue to digital networks, and the fact that pay TV will be ascendant as the legacy advertising model erodes.

Alternative career choice There are other industries?  I’m very intrigued by biotech and the medical advances that are being driven by an aging population and new genetic advances.

TV character most identified with I enjoy House MD, who has a caustic wit and incisive mind.  Of course, he is also a cynical and amoral drug addict, which is less admirable.

Most admired personality Well, I certainly appreciate the unique entrepreneurial spirit of Steve Jobs.  To start a business in the garage and make it the most valuable company in the world, to return from exile, create a powerful culture and brand – that’s quite a life story.

Life outside work My wife and I enjoy the outdoors: hiking, cycling, windsurfing, skiing and so forth.  I’m starting to work on kitesurfing and recently completed my instrument certificate as a pilot.