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The Euro50 Q&A – Rodrigo Costa

, Zon Multimédia

Zon Multimédia, led by CEO Rodrigo Costa, has continued to innovate and make progress despite the less-than-perfect economic situation in Portugal, with the launch of a new user interface designed by NDS boosting pay TV uptake.


 Pursued technical education on computer programming and IT systems with Texas Instruments, NCR and NCR. Several management executive programmes.

Previous positions President, PT Comunicações; vice-president Portugal Telecom; corporate vice-president OEM Microsoft Corporation.

Last year’s highlights The ongoing growth of our triple-play customer base. Launching a new award winning interface – IRIS (NDS Snowflake). 2010 was another year of very positive progress in customer satisfaction.

Most significant industry development There were many. This is a very dynamic industry with new things happening every day.  I would say that the main force driving transformation is the consolidation of IP technology as a basis for all our services.

Goals for next year Continue to be appreciated and recognised by our customers and continue to innovate. All that whilst delivering solid numbers.

Industry challenges and opportunities Our main challenge is the economic situation. Families will have a significant reduction in disposable income and we will have to get through that. Opportunities will come from the analogue switch-off happening early next year in Portugal and also from new segments which we will be tapping –  namely enterprises and SOHO. For the industry, I think next year we will continue to see important improvements in the end-consumer devices/UI front which are shaping the way people consume content

Alternative career choice I only see myself working in the tech world.

TV character most identified with It has to be someone with passion for life, happy, energetic and honest.

Most admired personality Nelson Mandela, great example to all of us.

Life outside work Golf, cooking, reading, movies, time with the family, travelling and work.