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The Euro50 Q&A: Marcus Bäcklund, CEO, Voddler

Marcus Bäcklund’s Scandinavian-based Voddler has consistently been one of the most innovative OTT players in Europe. This year’s highlights include the launch of a download service, a Europe-wide smartphone deal with Nokia and the subsequent launch of a social TV app with the Finnish handset giant, the launch of a service in Spain and the launch of cloud-based purchasing.

Age 50

Education Master of Science and Engineering, Chalmers University, Sweden

Previous positions Co-founder and partner, Deseven; senior partner, Ledstiernan; chairman and CEO, Cell Networks

Life outside work Family, movies, sailing, hunting.

Achievements of 2012 The continued growth of Voddler’s VOD-business, including expanding our platform into more territories. The continued proof of our patented proprietary streaming solution, now proven to work in all types of IPX environments.

Most significant industry developments The growth of OTT-based VOD services worldwide. The disc-to-digital transition is gaining speed.

Key challenges for 2013 Will the Internet infrastructure hold for the onslaught of VOD and other OTT services?

Goals for next year Establish Voddler firmly, both as a VOD partner for content holders and as a licensable OTT solution for VOD and telco actors.

Most admired industry personality Steve Jobs.

Favourite TV show The Bridge, a Danish-Swedish coproduced crime series, not just well-told and exciting, but proof of the multi-territory future of our industry, both in production and distribution.

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