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The Euro50 Q&A – Ian Mecklenburgh, Virgin Media

As director of consumer platforms at the UK cable operator, Ian Mecklenburgh has been responsible for the launch of Virgin Media’s new TiVo service.

Age 48

Education Degree in Systems, INSEAD International Development

Previous positions Many and various: IT and strategy roles in the ‘80s, digital media, VOD and internet/ISP strategy and delivery in the ‘90s and digital TV, interactive and new platform development and launch throughout the 2000s.

Last year’s highlights It’s a cliché, but seeing the Virgin Media TiVo service going out to real customers and getting pretty universal positive reception from both customers and the industry.

Most significant industry development The acceleration and rapid global adoption of digital entertainment and video services to multiple devices, via PAYG as well as subscription models.

Goals for next year To work up and develop exciting, potentially disruptive, new types of service alongside growing our TiVo platform capabilities.

Industry challenges and opportunities To innovate but bring the average customer along for the journey – making increasingly complex technology and services apparently very simple, all within a very uncertain market environment.

Alternative career choice Probably an architect or a lawyer (although at age seven it was obviously an astronaut).

TV character most identified with Doctor Who.

Most admired personality Another cliché, but the late Steve Jobs – as someone who grew up roughly in the same era I always appreciate the desire to challenge the status quo and create new and exciting futures.

Life outside work OK, I’m a geek – video games, movies (you guess which type), video production, and of course sharing good food with friends and family.