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The Euro50 Q&A: Daniel Heaf, EVP and MD, digital, BBC Worldwide

BBC Worldwide has significantly increased the proportion of revenues secured from digital services. From the launch of Global iPlayer to greater engagement with social networks, Daniel Heaf has been at the forefront of digital innovation.

Age 35

Education BA Hons (1st Class) University of Nottingham, Kauffman Fellowship

Previous positions I began my digital career by founding and running a successful start-up. Since then I’ve worked for Time Out, AOL and BBC Radio and before joining BBC Worldwide I worked for Channel 4’s corporate venture fund, 4IP.

Life outside work Married with two children. Live in North London. Love triathlon, snowboarding and opera.

Achievements of 2012 Four years ago, BBC Worldwide’s digital revenue was 2.7% of the total. This year it   is 12.8%, having experienced a 63% compound annual growth rate over that term. We have been at the forefront of distributing our content through both third party and our own digital platforms like Global iPlayer. In addition, I’m delighted we’ve launched BBCW Labs, a digital incubator and launched Global iPlayer in 16 international markets. Through our CRM campaign we have been getting closer to and communicating more with our audiences directly. We now have over 27 million Facebook fans and four million email addresses across our channels and global brands.

Most significant industry developments The international roll out of premium SVOD services like Netflix and LoveFilm. The BBC’s delivery of the truly digital Olympics where every event was available live and on-demand across the web, mobile, tablet and connected TVs. The growth in mobile video consumption has been staggering in 2012.

Key challenges for 2013 As the percentage of content being consumed on mobile devices rises there is a real challenge to understand how we might monetise premium content effectively. Overall as audiences continue to fragment across multiple devices, platforms and services alongside the continued decline in physical media the economics of content remain under pressure.

Goals for next year To continue to grow international reach in established markets (e.g. US and Australia) and gain stronger foothold for our nascent digital services in Asia and Latin America. To continue to drive up revenue per user through increased e-commerce and paid-content propositions.

Most admired industry personality John Smith our outgoing CEO. He is an industry leader who has transformed BBC Worldwide into one of the UK’s largest and most successful media companies. He has transformed the company from a pure B2B business into a company that also serves consumers directly through a network of global channels, consumer products and digital services. All this while delivering improvements to revenue and returns to the BBC year after year.

Favourite  TV show Good Cop. An amazing new BBC drama about a policeman who makes one mistake after another. It’s both gripping and chilling.

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