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Q&A: Andy Shenkler, Deluxe

Andy Shenkler, chief product officer at Deluxe, talks about disruption of the media supply chain, and the use of cloud technology, automation and open software to meet the challenges faced by media companies today.

What do you see as the main sources of disruption that are having an impact on the media supply chain at this time?

Over the last couple of years, it was the adoption of the cloud that really made a material impact on the various media supply chains. For the most part, companies have finally begun to embrace the cloud as a viable alternative to the legacy on-prem/tape archive solution. Now, as we see the rising adoption of IMF alongside more complex deliverables including multiple localized versions with “day and date” release schedules, the reliance on layered and complex metadata is forcing operations teams to revisit workflows and archiving methodologies to keep up with growing consumer demand.

How important is the use of cloud technology, automation and open software models in finding solutions to the challenges presented by digital disruption?

The desire to give the creative process as much time as possible all the way up to the final point of distribution continues to be increasingly important to content creators. With the added challenge of simultaneously getting content to the wide range of global consumers, automation is the only possible way to deliver on both of those goals reliably. Streamlining workflows to eliminate redundancies and provide a near frictionless distribution model is vital to this process. Additionally, the volume of content being requested continues to grow and the only way to realistically manage that growth is to leverage the on-demand elasticity that cloud computing provides.

What is the background to the creation of Deluxe One?

Deluxe One is designed to address the key problem the industry faces as it constantly evolves: frictionless workflow orchestration.  In a servicing model with increasing complexity and various bespoke partners and providers, how do you orchestrate everything from creation through to fulfillment in a seamless manner? Whether it is VFX, 2D to 3D conversion, language localization, theatrical distribution or compliance versions for territories and home consumption, a media platform that provides an open ecosystem that allows customers and competitors alike to collaborate is critical. We are resolving the need for a true end-to-end media ERP that sits on a robust and scalable infrastructure to enable the industry to leverage the power of a system that facilitates all aspects of the media supply chain for as much or as little as desired by each party.

What are the different elements that combine to create the platform, and why is Deluxe One more than the sum of its parts?

Deluxe One simplifies how our clients’ content is created and delivered to audiences. Through our scalable cloud architecture, integrated microservices, AI tools and open APIs, content owners and distributors have full visibility into the state of their content throughout the entire media lifecycle. With direct access to advanced technology, the platform provides the flexibility to use the vendors and technology of their choice, providing insights into metrics and performance along with the elasticity required to accelerate processes at scale and reduce the time from pitch to playout.

What future trends do you foresee in the way that content is created and consumed and what technology needs to be put in place to facilitate the shift?

We constantly see the creators of content pushing the envelope to tell stories in new and exciting ways that allow for a more immersive experience for the consumer. Until recently, it was difficult to be able to provide that type of immersive experience for mass consumption. As processing power within consumer devices continues to grow and the vast amounts of bandwidth have become so prevalent, it unlocks a wave of new paradigms for artists to begin to explore the boundaries of their imagination and share that with audiences everywhere. We must ensure that we build our solutions in a flexible and unobtrusive way that will not hinder the creative process. We must also eliminate friction across the entire supply chain and remove unnecessary latency and file movement to ensure that the creation and distribution of new content paradigms can be provided quickly, reliably and economically for a ravenous culture of consumers with a seemingly endless appetite for entertainment.

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