Long reads

Quality assurance

IPTV operators are waking up to the fact that the quality of video being displayed in the homes of TV viewers is becoming an increasingly important factor. While competition remains fierce in the pay-TV market place, quality control is key and service providers are starting to address the issue. For IneoQuest’s (IBC 4.A99) vice-president of […]

Home networking

IP-based networks can support the movement of multimedia around the home, and service providers are looking to home networking to differentiate their offers. One of the key benefits of IP – in theory at least – is that it can enable the transfer of media, including video, between devices in the home. Ericsson (IBC D.161) […]

Standard issues

IPTV services continue to develop and grow but operators are keenly aware of the need for standardisation of the technologies that support them. One of the most pressing issues for IPTV operators is standards – the need for standards in delivering IP video to and around the home, and for greater interoperability of customer premises […]

Video processing

Video processing technologies are becoming increasingly important for operators with growing subscriber bases, expanding VOD libraries and HD content. Despite the advent of exciting new services and applications, much of the focus for IPTV operators remains on improving picture quality and expanding their reach, according to Cisco’s (IBC 1.D71) chief technology officer and principal engineer, […]

Content conundrum

Investing in original content can be a step-change for international channels. It can also help build local brand loyalty. Content strategies vary hugely between international pay-TV channel providers. The extent to which thematic channel providers plunge into the world of original production can depend on their audience reach and resources. For a number of high-profile […]

International affairs

Identifying which markets to prioritise and knowing when to invest in localisation are crucial to success for international brands. When it comes to assessing international opportunities, channel providers currently face the twin challenges of the recession and market saturation in some territories. “The European market is crowded but consolidation is in view,” says Jean-Thierry Augustin, […]

Into the unknown

Expanding geographical reach and building a strongly branded presence across the digital domain remain key preoccupations for international channel providers. In the wake of the economic downturn, international channel providers are continuing to look to make the most of the opportunities available to expand their reach, both  expanding to new territories and platforms within existing […]

Supply on-demand

Video-on-demand gives broadcasters the chance to tap into the growing demand for consumers to be able to watch content on their terms – at any time on any device. Online on-demand services including iPlayer and Hulu have proved popular. While on-demand viewing is nothing new, operators are beginning to see real demand from customers for […]

25 years of broadband and pay-TV

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, Digital TV Europe invited a group of leading industry executives to take a look back to some of the highs and lows of the last quarter century. Which event over 25 years had the biggest impact on pay-TV? Giuliano Berretta, chairman and CEO, Eutelsat The digitisation of the pay-TV market […]

Access all areas

As the battle for broadband subscribers heats up, investment by telecom and cable operators in next-generation infrastructure is accelerating. But how do the technology choices compare? Stuart Thomson investigates. As telecom and cable operators battle it out to win broadband subscribers, their ability to offer faster downstream speeds than the competition has become a key […]