Long reads

Motion pictures

Mobile broadcast has been slow to take off, and mobile operators are increasingly questioning whether the technology will be needed. Farah Jifri examines the issues. Mobile TV is has been a major topic of debate for a while now, much of it generated by broadcast technology standards: DVB-H/DVB-SH versus MediaFLO or DMB. We have long […]

Ad and divide

The use of two-way networks to deliver targeted advertising remains more a promise than a reality, despite the impact of the internet and the economic downturn on TV ad revenues. Stuart Thomson investigates. The TV advertising business is not having the best of times. It is seen as having been outpaced by the more nimble […]

Advanced applications

While IPTV services once comprised basic video-on-demand offerings, a number of providers are now looking to offer more advanced applications. According to Stephen Petheram, Microsoft Mediaroom’s (IBC Topaz) director of media services for EMEA and APAC, operators are looking to applications to differentiate their services from their rivals: “TV applications are seen as a key […]

IPTV at the conference

The IBC 2009 conference features a number of sessions that touch on IPTV – from the need for standardisation to the business case for distribution to multiple devices. This year’s IBC conference will include a number of sessions that touch on IPTV directly, or focus on areas closely tangential to it, such as online TV […]

Content security

With the number of actual and potential video distribution channels proliferating, flexible but effective content security solutions are becoming more important than ever. Content security remains a crucial piece in the IPTV technology puzzle. With the advent of complex IP-based distribution over multiple networks and to multiple devices, demands placed on content security technology are […]

Set-top solutions

Set-top box vendors must be ready to serve operators of all shapes and sizes with a range of business models. Set-top box vendors, like other technology providers in the IPTV space, are caught at a cross roads. On the one hand, new IPTV services continue to launch with very basic features, while on the other, […]

Quality assurance

IPTV operators are waking up to the fact that the quality of video being displayed in the homes of TV viewers is becoming an increasingly important factor. While competition remains fierce in the pay-TV market place, quality control is key and service providers are starting to address the issue. For IneoQuest’s (IBC 4.A99) vice-president of […]

Home networking

IP-based networks can support the movement of multimedia around the home, and service providers are looking to home networking to differentiate their offers. One of the key benefits of IP – in theory at least – is that it can enable the transfer of media, including video, between devices in the home. Ericsson (IBC D.161) […]

Standard issues

IPTV services continue to develop and grow but operators are keenly aware of the need for standardisation of the technologies that support them. One of the most pressing issues for IPTV operators is standards – the need for standards in delivering IP video to and around the home, and for greater interoperability of customer premises […]

Video processing

Video processing technologies are becoming increasingly important for operators with growing subscriber bases, expanding VOD libraries and HD content. Despite the advent of exciting new services and applications, much of the focus for IPTV operators remains on improving picture quality and expanding their reach, according to Cisco’s (IBC 1.D71) chief technology officer and principal engineer, […]