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DTVE Channels 2011: Access all areas

As viewers become accustomed to watching video on multiple devices, channel operators must ensure their content can be viewed on as many platforms as possible. The popularity of tablets and smartphones has given new impetus to multi-device distribution of content. Many broadcasters have developed an online presence, struck video-on-demand deals with existing or new distributors […]

Q&A: Frank Melloul, France 24

News channel France 24 offers feeds in French, English and Arabic. Frank Melloul, head of strategy, development and public affairs, spoke to Digital TV Europe about the channel’s international strategy. How does France 24 differ from other news channels? From the very beginning, France 24 has positioned itself as a global media outlet covering international […]

Power to the people – personalising the TV experience

Pay TV operators are using personalisation as a key weapon in the fight to attract and retain customers. Graham Pomphrey reports on the latest technologies and business models available to them. The average pay TV viewer is faced with a bewildering choice of content. Three hundred linear channels is not uncommon. Neither is a VOD […]

Interview: Bob Baskerville general manager, Scripps Networks International

Following the announcement that Scripps Networks has acquired a 50% stake in UKTV, Bob Baskerville spoke to Graham Pomphrey about what the deal means to the channel operator’s international strategy. When Scripps Networks announced that it had acquired UK cable operator Virgin Media’s 50% stake in UKTV, the joint venture channels business partly owned by […]

Sharp practices – future development of HD technologies

With HDTV now increasingly seen as standard, what’s next for broadcasters and service providers? Stuart Thomson assesses the prospects for higher resolution formats and the new compression technologies that could facilitate them. High-definition TV has now been a standard feature of almost all pay TV platforms for so long that technology issues relating to it […]

Lifestyle visions – channels targeting the female audience

International channel providers are increasingly looking to target new launches to the lucrative and relatively underserved female audience, writes Andy Fry. In the early days of pay TV, a lot of emphasis was placed on the ability of sport and movie channels to drive subscriptions. Soon after, kids and factual channels were added as a […]

Checks and balances – quality assurance, service providers and the web

QoE and QoS monitoring for pay TV services is increasingly seen as a key feature of the churn reduction toolset, while web-based services are throwing up challenges of their own. Anna Tobin reports. There was a time when the quality control department of most major broadcasters consisted of one person tucked away in a back […]

Q&A: Aleks Habdank, director, digital entertainment product, Virgin Media

Digital TV Europe talked to Virgin Media’s digital entertainment chief about the operator’s launch of TiVo-powered hybrid set-top boxes and the multiscreen future. How should pay TV operators view OTT? Thanks to the strength of Virgin Media’s cable fibre optic network, combined with our TiVo content discovery platform, we’re offering a seamless experience where consumers […]

Only connect – service providers and the connected home

Support for the connected home is something that pay TV service providers can no longer ignore in the face of competition from consumer electronics manufacturers and software providers. Stuart Thomson looks at recent developments. Whether they like it or not, service providers are now being forced to face up to the challenge of supporting the […]

Traffic congestion – channel playout in the multiscreen era

The proliferation of devices capable of playing back professional video content is making life more complex for channel playout providers, writes Anna Tobin. Playout traffic controls across the world are experiencing congestion and it is likely to get worse before it gets better. Platform operators are under pressure to deliver high-resolution video and high quality […]

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