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Eastern promise

Digital TV Europe’s CEE 2011 provides its annual statistical overview of the region’s key markets and, over the next few pages, predicts how the pay TV industry is likely to evolve. The pay TV sector in central and eastern Europe came through the global economic crisis relatively unscathed. New services have continued to launch, and  […]

Platform priorities

The effects of the economic crisis and the maturing of some markets is making life challenging for pay TV operators in central and eastern Europe, but there is still significant opportunity for growth. Stuart Thomson & Graham Pomphrey report. The pay TV market in central and eastern Europe is beginning to mature. While there remains […]

Return of the moguls

Liberty Global has secured a second key asset in Germany, subject to regulatory approval, marking the return of John Malone to the country. Meanwhile rival mogul Rupert Murdoch is looking to push forward with Sky. Dieter Brockmeyer reports. US media mogul John Malone was heavily mocked by the German media when he originally set his […]

Higher vision

HD is now very much a mainstream format, but are channel and content providers ready to switch on to an all-HD future? Anna Tobin reports. The scene is set for HD to take over the world. On the production side, the technology is readily available and stores are stocked with HD-ready TV sets. The question […]

Interview: Mark Hollinger President & CEO, DNI

As Discovery’s international business continues to grow in importance, head of international networks Mark Hollinger spoke to Stuart Thomson about the broadcaster’s plans. Discovery Communications’ international business is growing in strength relative to its maturing US business, driven by strong subscriber and advertising growth in emerging markets such as central and eastern Europe and Latin […]

Taking things further

The proliferation of connected devices like tablets and smartphones, combined with the threat from OTT players, means operators are more acutely aware than ever of the need to launch multiscreen services. Graham Pomphrey reports. Sky Deutschland recently became the latest pay TV operator to launch a multiscreen offering, in a move that CEO Brian Sullivan […]

Interview: Mike Fries President and CEO, Liberty Global

Digital TV Europe’s editorial team named Liberty Global’s Mike Fries as Industry Leader of the Year at our Euro 50 Awards last month (held at Cable Congress in Switzerland). Ahead of the show, he talked to Stuart Thomson about the company’s current plans. Liberty Global has long stood at the forefront of European cable’s drive […]

This is the news

In an era of instant access to information and highly tailored niche-interest TV channels, the 24-hour news channel faces fresh challenges. Andy Fry reports. When radio stations seek to justify their existence in the post-iPod world, they generally make two points. First, people like the personalities, not just the music itself. Second, radio introduces listeners […]

The IPTV survey

Which developments in the IPTV industry most surprised you last year? I think the rate at which there has been growing acceptance within the industry of OTT no longer being a threat, but complementary, has come as a surprise to many. Alan Delaney, Ericsson Fibre networks becoming a reality, even faster than expected (including coming […]

High and wide

Building a portfolio of channels is seen as a natural expansion for international providers, while HD variants are increasingly a must-have. Building a portfolio of channels to capture digital “real-estate” has long been a preoccupation of many international channel providers. More recently, the launch of HD channels has become a sine qua non for many […]

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