Webinar | Money-Making TV Operations

In today’s media landscape, OTT media giants offer an incredibly high service quality that viewers have come to expect, and they are quick to switch when these expectations are not met. As video delivery is becoming increasingly complex, for traditional TV operators, telcos and other media companies, matching this level of quality usually means increasing resources and costs that are reaching unsustainable levels.

It is possible to change all of this.

Join us on November 25th, 2020 for a discussion amongst two of our leading industry experts who will reveal the steps that we have taken in order to significantly reduce costs and avoid investments in support and staff when managing video delivery operations remotely for our global TV operator customers.

Topics to discuss:

  • Why it is important not to wait and get video delivery operations under control today.
  • Why a holistic data-driven approach is the solution.
  • The margin improvements and cost savings that this approach generates.

Featured speakers

Wouter Slot, Chief Operating Officer, Divitel B.V. and
Annet Eeltink, Customer Voice Expert, Divitel B.V

November 25th 2020

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