Verimatrix: Cardless Content Security: The Smarter choice for Hybrid Networks


Cardless Content Security: The Smarter choice for Hybrid Networks

White paper from Frost & Sullivan on Next-Generation Content Protection

This paper discusses the security challenges operators face as they embrace multi-network, or hybrid, architectures to implement next-generation TV Everywhere content services.

While the complexity of the problem may seem insurmountable, there are technological advances that bring streamlined, scalable multi-network deployments within reach of pay TV operators. Cardless conditional access (CA) solutions are particularly well-positioned to provide secure yet cost-efficient security for today’s and tomorrow’s content protection needs.

In this free white paper co-sponsored by Verimatrix, Frost & Sullivan outlines:

  • Key challenges of extending a branded, compelling pay-TV experience to every subscriber on every device and screen in a revenue-enhancing manner
  • How the power of the Internet can be harnessed to facilitate content protection and secure revenue
  • Advantages of cardless security over smart cards, including overcoming a weakness in DVB standards and its unique ability to leverage two-way networks
  • Why content security solutions are moving away from managing silos for digital rights management (DRM), CA systems and watermarking to a complete revenue security platform
  • Scenarios on how a unified multi-network security architecture if preferable over managing separate cardless and smart card-based systems

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