The Future of TV Advertising

email_signature_zenterio_reInteractive and targeted advertising have long been seen as providing a large potential source of additional revenue for both channel providers and pay TV operators.

Operators have long sought to make the most of their advanced digital platforms to deliver additional revenue streams, while channel providers want to find ways to expand their inventory and enhance its value to their clients.

Advanced advertising – meaning targeting ads to specific groups or individual and engaging consumers with interactive functionality – has been seen by broadcasters and TV operators as an important opportunity. However, a lack of clarity about the extent of this opportunity and the kind of services and business models that make sense has until recently prevented operators and channel providers alike from realizing the full potential of digital.

DTVE recently surveyed almost 200 video industry players from over 50 countries, including TV operators and channel providers, to quiz them on their views about the future of interactive and targeted advertising.

The resulting report, produced by Digital TV Europe in conjunction with Zenterio, is now available to download, free of charge. 

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