Survey I The streaming experience: QoE and customer retention in the digital world

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Content rights holders and TV operators now see streaming as a mainstream way of distributing their offerings to consumers. But ensuring that the streaming experience matches the expectations of users is key to the success of such services.

With multiple subscription and free services vying for consumers’ time and money, the battle to ensure that viewers remain loyal means that operators of online TV brands need to invest to ensure that their offerings not only match but exceed the quality people traditionally expect from broadcast TV.

Digital TV Europe wants to know what the video industry’s leading minds think about the current and future state of the streaming experience. What do service providers need to put in place to ensure that they meet consumers’ expectations? How can they ensure that they win and retain customers? What elements of the streaming experience are likely to be crucial as quality differentiators in the battle between providers?

The editorial team at Digital TV Europe will use the survey results as the basis of an in-depth report that will be available to you free of charge.

Deadline date: 29 July 2019

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