The Importance of Air Time Allocation in Wi-Fi Quality of Service

With the proliferation of Multi-SSID Wireless gateways that offer multiple services such as an in-home private network, Home Security and Appliance Monitoring, Public Hotspots and Video over Wi-Fi; the need to monitor and assure basic service levels and an overall Quality of Service (QoS) becomes essential to the user’s quality of experience. Through a series […]

Interactive TV Monetisation: The Big Picture

With traditional pay TV growth leveling off and consumers becoming less willing than previously to spend additional subscription revenue year-on-year for their existing service offerings, pay TV operators are seeking new ways of making money, primarily from digital activities. However, many offerings launched in recent years that fall under the broad category of ‘interactive services’ […]

The Connected Home and Multi-Device Video: The Big Picture

Multiroom TV – the distribution of pay TV services to multiple TV screens within each home served – has become an established feature of most service providers’ offerings. Multiroom TV is now being supplemented by multiscreen or multi-device offerings – meaning that TV services are available to users via consumer electronics devices such as tablets […]

Windmill – Smart Platform Report

Rapid increase of the internet speed and the popularization of smart devices, which have grown explosively, are bringing a fundamental change to the media market. In terms of competition, the range of the competition has been expanded to all business operators who provide media service through smart devices from the existing PayTV operators, and service […]

Multi-screen VOD and TV: The Bigger Picture

Multiscreen TV has been the big story of the last year, with pay TV operators as well as OTT service providers extending the reach of their content by targeting devices including tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and game consoles, as well as traditional set-top boxes. While multiscreen TV is now common in advanced markets, there remains […]

Download white paper – Perspectives & Challenges For HEVC Encoding Solutions

The adoption of the new HEVC video compression standard is a major event of the 2013 broadcast industry. Every time a new compression standard is released, the same questions are raised: > What kind of video processing tools can explain the compression gain? > Is the announced compression gain theoretical or really there? > Can it be implemented […]

Hybrid Software as a Service (SaaS): The New Way to Move Media

The pace of technological change has accelerated over the past two decades, forever altering the way we share information. From small businesses on Main Street to financial institutions on Wall Street, companies are capitalizing on new modes of computing and software delivery—including software as a service (SaaS) and hybrid SaaS—that let them achieve a new […]

Transcoding Choices for a Multiscreen World

As service providers increasingly seek to deliver their video offerings to IP connected devices, one of the greatest challenges they face is how to deliver high-quality content in the right format, securely- without overtaxing the access network. This paper explores the applications for home- and network-based transcoding, and previews some of the innovations that are […]

Migration Paths to CCAP

The cable industry has begun a multi-year migration toward a common platform for video and data. While CCAP defines a particular architecture, there are numerous ways to reach that converged endpoint. Drawing from the real-life experience that service providers have had to date, this paper recognizes the diversity and ongoing evolution of the headend and […]