Whitepaper| Securing the Integrity of Video Analytics Data

As video service providers offer individual subscriber services, the breadth and depth of the data collected to drive intelligent content services is growing. Securing video analytics data is becoming a high priority. Informed from in-depth interviews with key decision makers inside the industry, this white paper from Parks Associates reveals insights on why: Operators understand […]

Free report | Next-generation video and Ultra HD TV

  DTVE recently surveyed 160 senior industry figures from over 50 countries, including telecom, cable and DTH pay TV operators, free-to-air broadcasters and OTT service providers to share their views on the importance of different elements of Ultra HD and challenges to be overcome, their perceptions about the expectations of consumers and the importance of […]

Free report | High Density Transcoding Solutions

The explosive growth of Internet video traffic has put pressure on video transcoding infrastructures to optimize bandwidth, power consumption and cost of operations. High density transcoding solutions such as Intel’s Quick Sync Video technology have emerged to address these challenges. They introduce various levels of HW acceleration to off-load computationally intensive tasks. Initially targeted at consumer applications, high density transcoding has become a viable […]

Whitepaper | IPTV Migration Strategies Whitepaper

Security Primer As Operators build infrastructures for IPTV media delivery, security is the key to success. With media and consumer data traveling through the cloud and the plethora of consumer devices attached to the network, the vulnerability of wired and wireless networks means security is the most critical component of any system. Alticast explores the […]

Whitepaper | HbbTV2.0 Solutions for Broadband Delivered Content

HbbTV is a global initiative targeted at bridging broadcast and broadband delivery of content and services to allow consumption of content on connected TVs, set-top boxes and mobile devices. HbbTV 2.0 is the latest revision of the standard, it adds major new features including support for Ultra-HD, extra MPEG-DASH profiles and subtitles for broadband delivered […]

Whitepaper | Big Data Means Big Opportunities For Television

ARRIS has just released a new paper on several opportunities that await service providers at the intersection of television and Big Data, and how collecting the right information and deploying the right systems for analyzing data is crucial. Designing a Big Data approach Today’s changing television landscape is creating vast new opportunities for service providers […]

Whitepaper | TV Everywhere as a Service – A Voyage to Delivering the Promise

Viaccess-Orca’s new whitepaper details some of the competitive and technological challenges facing multiscreen Pay-TV operators today, and identifies several alternative TV service platform approaches. It explains how a fully service-based approach can best address operator needs in today’s rapidly changing environment. Fully service-based solutions have existed, but most of those were designed for online video […]

Whitepaper | Using Data to Drive Profit – Top 10 Keys for Using Data Analytics in the Media and Entertainment Industry

Netflix was able to circumvent the traditional (and very expensive) “pilot” TV test process because they had in-depth knowledge about their viewers based on advanced analytics. Similarly, AMC Networks used advanced analytics to gain a richer picture of whom their viewers are and what they want to better understand how to keep their attention in […]

Whitepaper | Android Platforms in Television – Mapping Out A Strategy

  With the expansion of TV to a multitude of consumer electronics, Android has taken hold as a platform for video and media consumption. This trend continues as Android emerges on the next generation of set top boxes, pucks and sticks. With a variety of Android-based SoCs with wide distribution supporting Android AOSP and Android […]

Whitepaper | High Dynamic Range Video – The Future of TV Viewing Experience’

        The video industry has always worked to improve the TV viewing experience. More than a decade ago, the transition from SD to HD provided significant improvements to video quality. 3DTV was another attempt that failed to get traction and ended up with limited success. More recently, there has been much hype about 4K/Ultra-HD from […]

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