Whitepaper | Pay TV and OTT: Partners or Competitors

The lines between pay TV and OTT are becoming increasingly blurred. While pay TV operators and OTT content and app providers still in many cases see each other as competitors, cable and IPTV providers are increasingly looking to open up their platforms to OTT providers via partnerships in order to help sell broadband access. Examples […]

Whitepaper | Making the Business Case for Cloud DVR

Heavy Reading Analyst Alan Breznick examines the chief financial and business benefits of launching a Cloud DVR service and presents his findings in this newly published paper. The paper clearly describes: The chief business case and financial impacts The Telefónica case study – how the Cloud DVR strategy accelerated its subscriber acquisition rate and enabled […]

Whitepaper | 5 Reasons You Should Buy, Not Build Your OTT Video Solution

Building and deploying an OTT solution is a costly, time-consuming process in an industry that is quickly evolving. Not only are technology requirements rapidly changing, but viewer preferences are becoming increasingly fickle as the definition of TV has come to encompass any screen at any time. However, OTT has become a critical part of any […]

Whitepaper | Optimising the user experience for OTT video

OTT video providers still face challenges in delivering consistent, high-quality video experiences to consumers. They are under pressure to address an ever-growing number of devices while maintaining a smooth video experience without buffering or freezing of the image. They need to offer an attractive user guide and content. They need to ensure they have access […]

Whitepaper | Unified Linear TV Delivery

Software-based video solutions are driving growth and innovation in the television and video industries. This white paper details how software-defined video solutions that integrate encoding, multiplexing and system management can enable operators to implement flexible and scalable unified infrastructure that supports both traditional broadcast and multiscreen linear video delivery. Download now and learn about: The […]

Report | Television in the cloud virtualisation era

Pay TV operators are under pressure.  They face growing competitive threats in the shape of OTT services and bundled offerings from telecom rivals. As a result, they need to provide new application experiences that can be brought to market at Web speed and delivered consistently across every device. Cloud TV and virtualisation promise to help […]

Optimizing Video Processing Infrastructure with the Cloud

Just as adaptive streaming technologies offer more efficient ways to deliver over-the-top television (OTT) and TV Everywhere experiences, the cloud offers the ability to expand traditional video operations with elastic resources and shift capital investments to operational expenses that are based on actual usage. However, until recently cloud-based processing has been out of reach for […]

A UK Advertiser’s Guide to Programmatic TV

For a growing chorus of brands, data-driven marketing and programmatic buying are delivering quantifiable results in terms of cost savings, reduced complexity, ownership of customer data and, ultimately, better results. But sadly, these benefits are meticulously absent on the biggest screen in the house: TV. Not only does programmatic TV extend these benefits to television […]

Report: The data analytics revolution

The advent of Big Data means that TV operators and content providers are in a position to understand in greater detail than ever before how, when, where, for how long and why we consume video. The massive amounts of data provided by IP delivery could potentially transform the way services are delivered and enable service providers […]

The Cloud-Based User Interface: Bringing New Flexibility to UI/UX Deployment

Today’s viewers expect high-quality video delivered to their TVs and mobile devices promptly and without hassle. Pay TV Operators are responding with alternatives to the traditional practice of hosting the UI in set-top boxes. Thanks to advances in cloud technology, nearly all of the key UI functions, including near-final rendering, can be performed in the […]

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