Asia Digital Entertainment Summit & Awards Ceremony

To support the digital entertainment industry at this important moment in its development, Duxes will host the Asia Digital Entertainment Summit & Awards Ceremony 2020 (ADES) from November 5-6, 2020 in Beijing. The event will gather representatives of digital entertainment platforms, gaming companies, digital music service providers, music retailers, and government authorities, to cover the latest industry and regulatory conditions in Asia, digital entertainment marketing strategies and sales channels, as well as the impact of artificial intelligence and cloud gaming on consumer behavior.


  1. Analyzing Market Trends and COVID-19’s Impact on Asia Digital Entertainment Industry
  2. Exploring and Maximizing the Commercial Potential of Esports
  3. Monetization of Short Video and Live Streaming
  4. How 5G, AI and Cloud Shape the Future of Digital Entertainment
  5. AR&VR-The Future of Mobile Gaming
  6. Cloud Gaming-A New Future of Interactive Entertainment
  7. Different States of Growth: Profiting from Scale
  8. Strategies to Increase Recurring Subscribers and Acquisition of New Customers
  9. Live streaming for video games and Esports booms
  10. How to Construct Brand-New Esports Ecosystems
  11. Pushing Forward Video Streaming by Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning
  12. Cybersecurity and Payment in the Media & Entertainment Industry

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Cindy CUI

Tel.: + 86 21 5258 8005 Ext. 8253