Pay-TV looks over the top

“The bulwark that pay-TV operators have is content packaging and pricing expertise and a relationship with their customers. However, these are not impenetrable.” A collective fit of jealousy is permeating in the TV broadcasting business and where it is going to end is anybody’s guess. Free-to-air broadcasters are looking with envy at pay-TV operators’ revenue […]

Taking the high road

“For those of us who wondered if clearer, more detailed TV pictures would be enough to convince more than the geeks among us to upgrade their TV kit, the answer seems to be ‘yes’.” The old mantra ‘content is king’ has taken a bit of a beating in the age of the internet. The quality […]

iPhone effect hits pay-TV

“People familiar with the internet and devices including the iPod and the iPhone want their TVs to work the same way. That means intuitive recommendation engines and easy-to-navigate screens.” There  is no getting around the fact that Apple’s iPhone has effected big changes in the mobile phone industry, but the iPhone effect is reverberating elsewhere, […]

Cable caught in the web

“The key for cable is to embrace the web without sacrificing its traditional pay-TV model. This won’t be achieved by simply saying that cable is better and that it already offers enough choice and a better quality of service.” Cable is better at some things than others. With over-the-top video already being piped into TV […]

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