Twilight of the moguls

The News Corp phone hacking scandal, Silvio Berlusconi’s troubles and the death of Leo Kirch signal the end of an era in media, writes Kate Bulkley. They  have had a good run and made tons of money, changed the course of broadcasting history and crushed competitors with their power and vision. But 2011 sees the […]

Transforming TV

Companion devices have the power to transform the TV experience, but the TV ecosystem will need to evolve to meet the challenge, writes Simon Woodward. It’s hard to imagine a world without our mobile devices – handsets, smartphones and tablets are now run of the mill tools that we rely upon, connecting and interacting with […]

Surfing the waves of change

The message from CTAM Europe and EuroSummit 2011 to the industry is surf the waves of change: timing is the key to staying on top, writes Krisztina Homolay. The main challenge to the cable industry is clearly competition; with fixed and mobile services converging, and the widespread takeup of wireless, telecoms providers are now offering […]

Safety from the storm

“Cable’s recurring revenues means that debt is easier to finance…which means cable can more easily afford to continue to invest in network upgrades.” When  the world is struck with uncertainties and the global financial markets get a case of the jitters, the markets have a strategy called “flight to safety” and one such destination that […]

The barbarian invasions

“Hostilities have begun, but much of the cable industry seems to be in denial – and some see it as merely a light skirmish, one that the opposing side will lose when they recognize the power of their opponent.” There’s a war going on. Haven’t you heard? The cable and satellite industry is under attack. […]

Nets get together

“Some major TV companies have found another piece of broadcasting turf where they are putting aside their differences and linking arms in support of each other – the online catch-up TV domain.” Whenever two big business rivals stop fighting  and start working together, you know something important might be about to happen. Broadcasters occasionally team […]

BT and Sky play the field

“It is clear that Sky’s moves have upped the pressure on BT Vision to make its new sports bundle work. Thank goodness then that it is not just the Sky Sports package that BT has in its offensive arsenal.” In the UK, some of the biggest football stars have moved off the field and onto […]

New ways to socialise

“The opportunity for broadcasters is to figure out how to integrate this social ‘stuff’ into their broadcasts and onto other platforms without losing control of the content and, more importantly, the money.” There has been a lot of talk recently about the arrival of the connected TV and how it will change things forever. Gone […]

Cable lights up exit sign

“No-one else wanted to fund the business through its consolidation phase. But now the markets – both credit and equity – are easing and opportunities are opening up for private-equity exits and for operators to consolidate.” The recession has not treated the pay-TV business all that badly compared with free-to-air broadcasters, and the easing of […]

A bite of the Apple

“The balance of power is shifting, nurtured by social networking sites and the immediacy of Twitter and instant messaging. In this world, media that is static is less appealing.” You could have knocked Eduardo Zulueta down with a feather. The managing director of Chello Multicanal was not expecting his digital unit (which did not even […]