The iPad – TV’s best friend

No other device has disrupted the way we watch TV as the tablet, or more accurately, the iPad has, says Christopher Schouten, senior marketing director, online, Irdeto. Threatening to be the ultimate cord-cutter catalyst, the iPad is now proving to be the ideal companion device to our beloved TV.  No other device has disrupted the […]

Territorial restrictions in football – an EU lawyer’s perspective

Gustaf Duhs, Head of Competition at Stevens & Bolton LLP, comments on the European Court of Justice’s decision that the import, sale or use of foreign smartcards is acceptable under EU law. Bill Shankley is misquoted as saying: “Football is not a matter of life and death, it’s far more important than that.” This might […]

Premier League ruling: who’s the winner?

On the face of it, today’s ECJ ruling that EU citizens have the right to buy and use smartcards from any European pay TV operator seems like a crushing defeat for Sky and the Premier League, and an epic victory for plucky publicans. But looking a little more closely, things could be less cut and […]

Love and money

Is an appeal to emotion the key to keeping customers? Stuart Thomson weighs the arguments at the annual CTAM Europe EuroSummit. Love was in the air at the CTAM Europe EuroSummit in Malta last month. UPC Broadband’s Doron Hacmon kicked off the event by exhorting cable operators that their key focus should be on making […]

Multiscreen rights and wrongs

Multiscreen distribution was the dominant theme of last month’s IBC in Amsterdam, writes Stuart Thomson. Multiscreen distribution has been on the minds of TV industry technologists for quite a while now, with interest supercharged by the iPad and its imitators. The success of the iPad – a surprise to many who were skeptical that Apple […]

Centralisation v localisation: is there a choice?

Robin Kroes calls for an ‘and/and’ solution of a central and local mix to meet the ever-more complex needs of channel playout. Broadcasting has always been a challenging profession, but at least on the choice of centralisation v localisation, life used to be simple. In the tape-based world, with most channels operating in single-markets only, […]

The Googorola dilemma

The marriage of Google and Motorola Mobility raises a number of intriguing possibilities, writes Kate Bulkley. Several years ago the verb ‘to Google’ entered the dictionary. It meant finding something online, generally by using the world’s most popular search engine site.  But the recent US$12.5 billion (€8.7 billion) acquisition by Google from Motorola Mobility, which […]

Twilight of the moguls

The News Corp phone hacking scandal, Silvio Berlusconi’s troubles and the death of Leo Kirch signal the end of an era in media, writes Kate Bulkley. They  have had a good run and made tons of money, changed the course of broadcasting history and crushed competitors with their power and vision. But 2011 sees the […]

Transforming TV

Companion devices have the power to transform the TV experience, but the TV ecosystem will need to evolve to meet the challenge, writes Simon Woodward. It’s hard to imagine a world without our mobile devices – handsets, smartphones and tablets are now run of the mill tools that we rely upon, connecting and interacting with […]

Surfing the waves of change

The message from CTAM Europe and EuroSummit 2011 to the industry is surf the waves of change: timing is the key to staying on top, writes Krisztina Homolay. The main challenge to the cable industry is clearly competition; with fixed and mobile services converging, and the widespread takeup of wireless, telecoms providers are now offering […]