Why IPTV operators need to go OTT

Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo, argues that telcos need to adopt OTT technology to remain flexible and cost effective. The media world has been evolving at a dramatic pace over recent years. IPTV, which emerged not so many years ago as a revolutionary new way for telcos to use their IP networks to deliver TV is […]

BT TV’s power team

Kate Bulkley profiles the top trio at BT who are tweaking Sky’s tail and leading the telco’s TV strategy. When the auction for Premier League football rights reached its climax last month a tremor passed through the UK television business, not to mention the City. But, for the BT bidding team, the breakdown of the […]

African pay TV opportunities

One of the main questions for 2015 will be where the new growth is going to be found in the pay TV and broadband business, writes Kate Bulkley. Finding new investment opportunities is for the committed, the visionary and the risk-takers. It means hunting out the most exciting markets for new investment and even new […]

The way we view now

As Amazon signs Woody Allen to make his first TV series, are on-demand services poised to wreck the broadcast model? Stephen Price is sceptical. The traditional way of watching television, as a family around a static set in the corner of the living room, is over, we are told. TV ownership has – for the […]

Innovations in sports broadcasting technology 

Luca Marinoni, head of sport and live events at RR Media Europe, discusses 4K, cloud delivery and other innovations in sports broadcasting.  Last year saw a huge amount of innovation in the field of sports broadcasting technology, with major sporting events such as the World Cup demonstrating the value and demand for sports content around […]

The shape of techs to track

Following last week’s CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Steve Plunkett, chief technology officer, Red Bee Media, presents his take on  some of this year’s key digital technology trends. Following this year’s CES, here is a look at the most likely trends that will develop in the next 12 months. There’s a lot to be excited […]

Why are European broadcasters snapping up YouTube networks?

Following RTL Group’s acquisition of a majority stake in StyleHaul earlier this month, the YouTube fashion and beauty network’s vice-president for Europe, James Stafford, explains why he thinks broadcasters are being increasingly drawn to multi-channel networks. When I was growing up in Australia in the 1980s, we only had three TV channels available (for some […]

Are we all going mobile?

Adoption of mobile video is growing,  but the live viewing experience remains key, argues Stephen Taylor of Redshift Strategy. Are we all going mobile?  Scarcely a week goes by without a news story reminding us how we have been seduced by the convenience and ease of use offered by mobile devices.  Most recently it was […]

Kings of content

Pay TV operators, mobile providers and tech giants are all investing in content assets, and there is a lot to play for, writes Kate Bulkley Belgium  is home to many fine achievements – Hercule Poirot and Hergé’s Adventures of TinTin among them – but breakthrough moments in modern-day television business practices? Surely not. And yet […]

Tailor made: sport and the second screen

In the wake of the World Cup, Piksel’s Miles Weaver assesses second screen activity around the event. “Sport is about moments,” a smart man at the PGA European Tour once told me. “That’s why people are so attracted to watching it.” This remains one of the most incisive things I’ve ever heard on any given […]

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