Who wants Paramount+?

Long in the works, Paramount+ was officially shown off to the press this week ahead of its March 4 launch.  While CBS All Access was on the peripheries of the streaming zeitgeist, Paramount+ is ViacomCBS’s big play to enter the same sphere as its domestic broadcasting rivals who have launched HBO Max and Peacock in […]

Comparisons with Netflix get real as Disney+ gears up for Star

Ahead of the launch of Star, its sixth content hub within Disney+, the company last week announced that it had surpassed its four-year subscriber target in just 14 months with a total of 94.9 million users globally. If that wasn’t good enough for Disney, an industry-shaking projection came this week that Disney+ will overtake Netflix for […]

AVOD explosion good news for European broadcasters who missed the SVOD boat

While the focus of recent weeks has been the continued growth of US SVOD services – be it Disney’s rapid approach towards 100 million subscribers, HBO Max’s LATAM expansion or ViacomCBS’s heavy promotion of Paramount+ during the Super Bowl – an arguably undercovered aspect of the market is the explosion of free ad-supported streamers. According […]

In the streaming wars, Peacock’s secret weapon is sports

With just over six months on the market, NBCUniversal’s Peacock is now at 33 million users. I previously described Peacock as “the low-risk streamer presenting significant results”, but this week’s deal to effectively buy the WWE Network in a deal worth a reported US$1 billion shows that the Comcast-owned NBCU is willing to splash the […]

Netflix dominated the 2010s but can it continue its stratospheric rise in the new decade?

Netflix has finally surpassed its latest milestone of 200 million subscribers, cementing it as the biggest company in streaming – and it’s not even close. Disney, considered by many as the first major competitor to Netflix on a global scale, sits at a relatively paltry 137 million subscribers globally across its services like Disney+, Hulu […]

With WandaVision, Disney shows that it has the scale to be the true Netflix competitor

As Disney launches WandaVision – the first Disney+ original from Marvel Studios – the company kicks off a year which should cement it as the de facto streaming rival to Netflix.   At a time when originals are largely considered to be the selling point of streaming services, it is impressive that Disney+ has amassed more […]

2020 was the year of the SVOD – and 2021 is going to be even bigger

In what was one of the most unpredictable and volatile years in modern history for society, politics and industries of all shapes and sizes, there was only one sector which captured mainstream attention for its enduring and enhanced success – video on demand services. Like it or not, the bellwether of the industry has become […]

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