White Papers

Whitepaper | The Global Pay-TV Innovation Landscape: Industry Perspectives on a Year of Change

Get valuable insights on the global state of the pay-TV industry in the Pay-TV Innovation Forum’s 2017 report. Featuring a year-over-year comparison with 2016 findings, it highlights some of the most important challenges facing pay-TV providers and content owners, exploring key market trends, the impact of piracy and perspectives on the most attractive areas of […]

Whitepaper | Saving CDN costs with quality-based rate control

CDN costs are an important parameter of any OTT TV deployment. They always represent a large proportion of the total expense that content and service providers must bear to deliver OTT TV services to their subscribers. The larger the number of bits to transport, the higher the cost, and any OTT TV provider should look […]

Whitepaper | Curation in the era of “infinite” catalogues

“Content is King” couldn’t be more true in the VoD world. Your content catalogue is your ultimate weapon for attracting and retaining as many subscribers as possible, and key industry players are currently in the midst of a ferocious battle to provide and produce the most – and the best – content in the market. […]

Free report | Cloud Video Transformation

Cloud TV is transforming the way audiovisual content is distributed and the trend towards the ‘cloudification’ of content distribution is likely to accelerate in the future as content service providers look to simplify their workflow, cater to changing viewing habits and give themselves the flexibility to launch new services quickly. Many organisations see huge benefits […]


The rapid growth of esports as a revenue-generating sector is a phenomenon that is catching the attention of brand owners and marketers globally. This Esports BAR White Paper aims to show why both endemic and non-endemic brands hold the keys to the future of esports’ growth as a professional activity and as an in-demand content […]

Whitepaper | OTT TV for Broadcasters

Preserving Broadcast-Grade Quality and Services The OTT encoder-packager point of view As OTT TV technologies are becoming mainstream, the common feeling is that TV broadcasters could use them not only as an addition to their broadcast service, but in the near future as a complete replacement. In a March 2017 study, it appeared that 70% […]

Whitepaper | Breaking the 4K Barrier

NASA and AWS Elemental Engineer the First Live 4K Broadcast from Space The challenges in streaming the first live 4K video content from the ISS to Earth were considerable. Together, NASA and Amazon Web Services (AWS) engineered a complete, resilient workflow that brought this industry-first event to viewers everywhere. A must read for video producers […]

Whitepaper | Best Practices in Data Privacy for Video Service Providers

In-depth look at the current regulations, consumer sentiment and changing video landscape that are informing data privacy policies The data-privacy landscape is changing in terms of consumer expectations, legislative frameworks, and regulatory enforcement. So how can video service providers best address these challenges to unlock market opportunities, build trust, and ensure relevance of content and […]

Content Innovation Awards 2018 Brochure

The Content Innovation Awards offer an unrivalled 6-month multiplatform campaign that positions sponsors at the heart of its marketing, and showcases your brand across all our channels; in print, online and in our social media space. The event will be a unique opportunity to network with new and existing clients and peers in the fantastic […]