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The Power of Hybrid TV Distribution

Download our eBook and learn more about linear channels positioning in media distribution mix and growth projections for CEE TV markets. The combination of TV household growth and economic expansion provides a huge potential market for channel owners. CEE region has some of the highest average pay TV penetration in the world, with 30 million […]

Global Study: Understanding advertising engagement across different viewing platform types

Streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) platforms used to leverage ad-free services to incentivise user sign-ups. But the landscape post-pandemic has shifted. Consumer behaviours are evolving. Free-to-access content is experiencing a resurgence – and this is enabling advertising video-on-demand (AVOD) and free ad-supported TV (FAST) to disrupt the status quo.  Samsung Ads’ ‘Understanding Advertising Engagement’ report, produced in […]

Decoding the Streaming Landscape Report

Streaming services first overtook linear channels for total TV time during the pandemic across Samsung TVs – and have maintained this lead ever since. The streaming landscape, however, is becoming increasingly fragmented. Samsung Ads’ latest report, developed using a powerful combination of first and third-party data, examines evolving consumer streaming habits across EU5 – the UK, Germany, Spain, France and […]

The Five Big Myths About Streaming Video Piracy

If you’re involved in the content business then you know there are challenges around keeping your content safe and secure. But how big is the threat to your business? And what are the pirates really doing? The Five big myths around Piracy are: Illicit IPTV subscription services are not a force to be reckoned with Pirates are […]

Unleashing Your Addressable Advertising Potential

We don’t need to tell you that there is a lot happening in TV and Video advertising right now. And you know how difficult it is to run effective and efficient campaigns across multiple platforms and devices… …and then there’s the question of addressability and targeting. We know how to get the best out of […]

TV Advertising Engagement Study

Technology has disrupted numerous areas of the advertising industry and the world of television is certainly no exception. With the rise of Connected TV (CTV), and greater access to advertising across ad-supported streaming platforms, advertisers have benefited from the addressability and data-driven approach of digital, married with the premium experience of TV. Yet, traditional linear […]

Exclusive Report: The Digital TV Industry Survey 2022

The Digital TV Industry Survey 2022 is now available. Digital TV Europe’s annual survey once again provides a unique snapshot of leading industry insiders’ views on the key issues and trends facing the digital video distribution business. Executives from 45 countries answered our request to share their opinions on the five topic areas covered in […]

White paper | Towards autonomous video delivery through Artificial Intelligence

Today, achieving operational excellence and doing more with less resources is more important than ever. Discover how you can transform your video delivery ecosystem into a maximum performing machine through the power of artificial intelligence and automation. Download our white paper to learn the steps that Divitel is taking to eliminate and prevent services failures. […]

Building a Platform for Success in the OTT Video Market

Delivered by AWS  Every video provider can use cloud services to ingest, store, manage, process, and deliver OTT content via agile, scalable, and cost-conscious means. This e-book explains how to do it. Download it and learn: How to develop competitive OTT video services using a cloud solution Real examples of companies using OTT cloud services […]

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