Netflix reportedly eyeing Netherlands, France, Belgium

Netflix is reportedly looking at the Netherlands, France and Belgium as new European launch markets, according to local reports.  Belgian communications news site Bloovi reported that Netflix was gearing up for a Belgian launch before the end of the year, while Le Soir reported that France and the Netherlands were likely to go live first, […]

Netflix updates PlayStation 3 player

Netflix has released an updated version of the Netflix player on PlayStation 3 consoles, with smart TV and Blu-ray revamps due to follow. Netflix said the international update is designed to make the design more consistent with the Netflix web player and mobile and tablet apps. It has improved the fast-forward and rewind functions to […]

Netflix signs UK Disney deal

Netflix has signed a deal with Disney that will see it offer films such as Ratatouille, Wall-E and The Chronicles of Narnia to viewers in the UK and Ireland.  The deal, which covers new and classic Disney content, as well as titles form Disney-owned studio Pixar, also includes films like Dumbo, The Aristocats and Pirates […]

CBS posts best ever quarter results, talks up Netflix

US media group CBS Corp. posted record single quarter financial results yesterday, as its chief executive revealed the firm remained in talks with Netflix about producing original programming for the streaming service. The leading broadcast network’s first quarter results for the three months to March 31, 2013, showed revenues of more than US$4 billion, which […]

Sky now UK catch-up leader, says Decipher

Sky’s catch-up service is now the “most comprehensive in the UK” according to digital media consultancy Decipher. In its quarterly audit of VOD on the major UK DTV platforms and OTT services, Decipher named Sky as leader in the catch-up space both in the number of channels it has and in its unique assets. However, […]

Cable TV industry ‘out of whack’ says Netflix content chief

The cable industry pay model is ‘out of whack’ in the internet age, where pricing should be proportionate to viewing, said Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos.  Speaking at the FT Digital Media conference in London, Sarandos said that it was “not economically feasible” in the streaming subscription business to carry content that people didn’t […]

Linear TV ‘ripe for replacement’, says Netflix

The linear TV channel model is “ripe for replacement” with the evolution to internet TV already happening, according to Netflix in a letter to investors published yesterday. Outlining its ‘long term view’ on the back of this week’s strong quarterly earnings report, the US video-on-demand service said that it was continuing its original programming efforts […]

Netflix: new Euro launch later this year

Netflix said it plans to launch in an additional European market in the second half of this year, as solid subscriber growth and strong earnings saw the company’s share price jump 25% after hours. Announcing its Q1 earnings, the firm said it would announce more details about its next European deployment in July, as total […]

Netflix plans to drop Silverlight, move to HTML5

Netflix is working to test various HTML5 video extensions as it plans to switch from Microsoft’s Silverlight plug-in to HTML5 in order to deliver video in the coming years. In a post on the Netflix Tech Blog, the video-on-demand service cited Micorosoft’s decision to only support Silverlight 5 until 2021 as a reason to “find […]

Netflix viewing hits 4 billion hours

Netflix viewers watched more than 4 billion hours of content on the video-on-demand service in the last three months, according to CEO Reed Hastings.  The stat, released via Hastings on his Facebook page, came in the same week that Netflix told investors in a regulatory filing that it may use Facebook, Twitter and its blog […]