Multiscreen & OTT Series

Home truths

Whole-home connectivity presents both a challenge and an opportunity to service providers. It is a clear pain point for the customer but it is technically difficult to solve and risks creating a huge support challenge. Adrian Pennington reports. Broadband networks have improved dramatically to the point where service providers can almost guarantee a certain level […]

The OTT hotlist

As the over-the-top video market continues to come of age, Digital TV Europe shines a light on some of the most interesting services to have emerged in recent times. Andy McDonald reports. The over-the-top video market continues to grow as content providers big and small look to establish direct, cross-device and contract-free relationships with their […]

Multiscreen17 pt4

The cloud holds out the prospect of transforming video distribution. In the final part of this year’s Multiscreen & OTT series, we look at the challenges and opportunities provided by cloud technology for the delivery of TV services. Based on a recent round-table organised by Digital TV Europe, we look at strategies for the migration […]

Multiscreen17 pt3

Amazon launched its channels initiative in Europe two months ago, introducing a range of subscription options for Prime members in the UK, Germany and Austria. How big a challenge does Amazon’s entry pose to traditional pay TV operators and what benefits does Amazon’s platform offer content distributers looking to cut through in an increasingly crowded […]

Multiscreen17 pt2

Cloud technology holds out the promise of new revenue streams for content rights holders and service providers. Addressable advertising is seen as one of the key applications that could potentially deliver on this promise. In Part 2 of Digital TV Europe’s Multiscreen & OTT Series 2017, we look at the challenges and opportunities facing content […]

Multiscreen17 pt 1

Millennials and Generation Z are turning to their mobile devices to watch video, and content providers are rushing to meet what they believe will be growing demand for short-form content tailored for mobile consumption. In Part 1 of Digital TV Europe’s Multiscreen & OTT Series 2017, we look at a new wave of subscription and […]

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