Q&A: Fredrik Engdahl, Magine

Fredrik Engdahl, head of commercial operations at Magine, talks about the challenges facing OTT TV service providers and how they can benefit from outsourcing their platform requirements.   What are the main barriers to entry for companies and organisations thinking of launching OTT TV services? The two main barriers to entry for launching an OTT […]

TV plays the millennial game

The meteoric rise of eSports has caught the attention of TV operators and broadcasters, both of which are investing in rights and dedicating airtime to gaming. But how likely is this to win back millennial viewers? Andy McDonald reports. Online gaming has transformed in recent years from a pastime typically associated with young adult males […]

Talk show – the rise of voice-based discovery

With the advent of Amazon Echo and the launch of next-generation boxes such as Sky Q, there are signs that using your voice to control the TV is finally filtering into the mainstream. Stuart Thomson looks at some of the latest moves. Using your voice to control the TV has been possible for some time, […]

Diving deeper into data

Video service providers are still attempting to come to terms with how to manage and use big data. Identifying and focusing on key areas such as specific elements of marketing, targeted advertising and churn reduction can point the way ahead, writes Anna Tobin. The amount of data being collected by content operators every day is […]

Hack attack: TV and cybersecurity

Cyber attacks are increasing in number and becoming more sophisticated, with the cost to corporations running into the billions. With conventional security concepts increasingly powerless against it, protection requires a paradigm shift. Adrian Pennington reports. Like every other aspect of commerce, economic crime has, to some extent, gone digital. In a hyper-connected business ecosystem that […]

Q&A: Simon Trudelle, NAGRA

Simon Trudelle, senior director, product marketing at NAGRA, talks about the opportunities and threats to the pay TV industry. What are the main opportunities and threats that are likely to drive innovation in the TV experience over the next couple of years? The pay TV industry is under growing pressure from cheaper OTT services, changing […]

Q&A: Mikael Dahlgren, Agama Technologies

Agama Technologies CEO Mikael Dahlgren talks about the challenges faced by OTT TV service provider in matching the quality of broadcast services. What are the main challenges that OTT TV service providers face in providing services that can match broadcast for the quality of experience they provide? The fundamental OTT technology as such is really […]

Q&A: Stéphane Gambetta, Reed MIDEM

Reed MIDEM is launching a second edition of Esports BAR in Miami, an invitation-only event dedicated to the fast-growing world of eSports. Strategy and new development director Stéphane Gambetta explains. What is the Esports BAR and why did Reed MIDEM decide to launch this event? Esports BAR is a newly launched Reed MIDEM B2B market […]

Virtual revolution

The nascent virtual reality market is slowly coming of age, with a new crop of VR production companies helping to define what immersive content looks like today. Andy McDonald finds out more. While it is still early days for virtual reality, a flurry of recent activity hints at how far this space still has to […]

Q&A: Asaf Matatyaou, Harmonic

Asaf Matatyaou, vice-president of solutions and product management for the cable edge business at Harmonic, talks about the virtualised headend. What is the virtualised CCAP and how can it help the cable industry achieve its business objectives? A software-based, or virtualised, CCAP disaggregates the software from the underlying hardware to provide operators with the advantages […]

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