Best Ever Channels taps Whip Media FASTrack

Enterprise software platform, Whip Media, has been tapped by channel operator, Best Ever Channels, for its FASTrack product aimed at tackling reporting problems associated with FAST channels and AVOD platforms.

Los Angeles-based company, Best Ever Channels, acquires and produces original content for FAST channels. It currently has nine channels across multiple platforms, including Freevee, Plex, Local Now, Vidgo, and more. It also has two SVOD channels and hundreds of hours of AVOD content.

The new solution is designed to help channels and distributors struggling with disparate data in various format. Best Ever Channels will leverage both core functions of Whip Media FASTrack to aggregate disparate viewership data and to calculate and pay out royalties to its content suppliers.

Whip Media FASTrack key features include automated ingestion of performance data from FAST/AVOD, SVOD, streaming apps, TVOD/EST and more. Revenue and viewership allocation down to the title level. Access to real-time actionable data via a fully customisable report builder and analytics dashboard, and contract management tools for acquired content. Alongside an automated generation of partner payments.

Launched in April, Whip Media FASTrack will support the FAST channels ­— SPIN, Witz Comedy TV, Cinema Libre Channel, More U, Action!!!, Best TV Ever, Commune, The Grid and Trailers From Hell.

Jonathon Barbato, Co-CEO at Best Ever Channels, said: “The Whip Media team has impressed us with their technical prowess, flexibility and determination to make the acquisition and analytics of our various sources of user and advertiser data seamless and more powerful.”

Ben Widger, Whip Media account executive, added: “Our mission is to help reduce the complexity and stress that comes with operating FAST channels across several platforms – allowing partners like Best Ever Channels to do what they do best, develop and distribute compelling FAST content.”

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