Orange Romania and Poland swap CEOs following reshuffle

Julien-Ducarroz and Liudmila-Climoc

Orange Romania’s CEO Liudmila Climoc is to swap roles with Orange Poland’s CEO Julien Ducarroz, following a reshuffle of management across the two hubs.

Starting on September 1, Ducarroz will take over CEO of Orange Romania from Liudmila Climoc who takes over from Ducarroz as CEO of Orange Poland from the same date.

Ducarroz career spans 22 years at the Orange group and returns to Romania, where he worked between 2007-2016. He launched his career at Orange Romania as strategy director, and since 2009 he has led the sales, marketing, digital and brand communication teams as chief commercial officer.

While in Romania, he led the launch of Orange TV and 4G services and strengthened the leading position of the Orange brand. In 2016, he was appointed CEO of Orange Moldova, and since 2020 he served as CEO of Orange Poland. Under his leadership at Orange Poland, he launched and implemented the ‘Grow’ growth strategy, as well as, the FiberCo JV project, which ensured the expansion of the fiber optic footprint and contributed to the fight against digital exclusion in Poland.

Climoc has 25 years of experience in telecommunications and was appointed CEO of Orange Moldova in 2008 before becoming CEO of Orange Romania in 2016.

During her leadership, Orange Romania went through a transformation from an exclusively mobile company to an operator with integrated fixed-mobile services. It was also the first country in the Orange Group to launch 5G services and in the last two years opened two 5G laboratories, innovation hubs for the research community, startups and companies.

” Thanks to his passion and skills, Julien made impactful changes in Orange Poland during his tenure. During these turbulent years, he developed a strong strategy and successfully delivered both financial and commercial results above expectations, enabling the company to grow and strengthen its position in the market despite the challenges. I thank Julien for leading the Orange Poland team with maximum energy during the pandemic and in the midst of a difficult macroeconomic and geo-political context, generated by the war in Ukraine . I am convinced that he will tackle any challenges in Romania just as well,” said Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, EVP, CEO of Orange in Europe (outside France) .”During the seven years of leadership, Liudmila and her team in Romania were the protagonists of several firsts, such as the launch of 5G services, showing creativity, enthusiasm and unlimited energy resources. More importantly, Liudmila led the transformation of Orange Romania from -a mobile operator to a converged one. She is a true leader and I am confident in her ability to lead the company to sustainable growth and continue Julien’s mission in Poland.”

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