VlogBox partners with Big Media to launch space CTV channel

CTV channel development and monetisation platform, VlogBox has joined forces with Big Media to create new CTV channel ‘The New Frontier’ for Amazon Fire TV, Google TV and Roku.

The space-themed channel will focus on the accomplishments of humankind in space, as well as share, accounts of the numerous satellites and probes sent to explore the solar system and outer space. Putting scientific findings in an easy-to-digest and accessible format, the channel will help viewers expand their understanding of space.

The New Frontier debuted as a series in 2015 and spans four seasons, each with 10×30 minute episodes. The latest season included coverage of Planet X, life on other planets and Mercury exploration.

“Boosting the brand awareness and popularity of the space series and extending digital monetization efforts into CTV has great potential for both Big Media and VlogBox,” states Nick Platonenko, CEO and co-founder of VlogBox. “With a recent increase in demand for non-fiction and documentary series, the app can stimulate more interest in Big Media and create a sizable influx of new viewers. We are excited to have this collaboration with Big Media.

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