CME’s Czech and Slovak streamer Voyo hits 500,000 subscriber landmark

CME-owned streaming platform Voyo has reached more than 500,000 subscribers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. News of the landmark was revealed by executives at CME-owned TV Markíza, which oversees management of the Voyo business in Slovakia.

According to the Markíza team, the figure means that Voyo is the leading streaming service in Slovakia “surpassing global players such as Netflix and HBO Max”. Markíza stressed that the 500,000 total only includes users with a full subscription – not those currently watching on a 7-day trial period, or those who view via Slovak Telekom’s Voyo Start service.

Markíza Group CEO Matthias Settele called 500k “another important milestone, which we are all very happy about. We consider Voyo to be one of the key projects of our digital transformation and I am very happy that it is doing well. Thanks to everyone involved, and especially to our viewers for trusting and spending time in the company of Voyo content. The ever-increasing number of subscribers only confirms to us that we are on the right path.”

Voyo, with comes within the ambit of CME-owned TV Nova in the Czech Republic, has set out to differentiate itself from global rivals with a strong emphasis on local content. “Exclusive titles under the Voyo Original and Voyo Special brands, popular television programmes in advance (early windowing), attractive live and recorded sports broadcasts, a library full of films and series from local and international production, and live broadcasts of stations of the Markíza group – all this is behind the success of the Voyo service.” said Markíza execs.

Voyo underwent a complete visual and content reboot at the end of 2022. Since then, it has seen a significant increase in the number of subscribers, according to Markíza.

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