Android TV OS tops 150 million devices, says Google at CES 2023

Google used CES 2023 to remind the global TV market of its growing influence in the sector. While introducing a range of new features on its Android platform, the tech giant advised that 150 million monthly active devices now use the Android TV operating system. This is up a robust 40 million year on year.

Android TV OS is the underlying platform for both Google TV and Android TV experiences. Key areas where it has enjoyed growth include smart TVs created in partnership with TCL and Chromecast, an increasingly popular technology that allows users to cast entertainment and apps from mobile devices to TV sets.

Google didn’t break its 150 million figure down by category, so it’s not clear how much of the total number is Google TV and and how much is Android TV. Also, it’s worth noting that there is likely to be some duplication of devices in terms of ownership. So 150 million devices may not equal 150 million individuals.

Nevertheless, the growth suggests strong momentum. Looking ahead, Google said: “We’ve got new Google TV devices launching this year including the TCL Q-Series TV and the Hisense ULED TVs, Laser TVs and Laser Cinema lineups.”

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