Pluto TV triples the amount of CBS archive available on its platform

While the battle for SVOD subscribers continues to rage, an equally intriguing tussle for eyeballs is unfolding in AVOD. Yesterday, Paramount Global announced that its free ad-supported streaming service Pluto TV is tripling the volume of content it offers from the CBS archive, taking the total on offer to around 6,300 episodes. CBS and Pluto are both part of the Paramount family, formerly known as Viacom CBS.

Tom Ryan

By the end of this year, CBS classics such as such as Mork & Mindy and Taxi will be added to the platform’s on-demand line up. Meanwhile series like Cheers, Star Trek: The Original Series, and Frasier will feature on the service’s channels.

“Pluto TV and CBS are both proven leaders delivering world-class entertainment to global audiences,” said Tom Ryan, CEO of Paramount Streaming and Pluto TV co-founder. “With unrivalled access to the CBS library, Pluto TV is able to deliver world-class, evergreen programming with flexible viewing options, all for free.”

“The overwhelming success of the CSI and 48 Hours channels on Pluto TV are just two recent examples of how our broadcast franchises are connecting with a growing and often unduplicated streaming audience,” added president and CEO of CBS George Cheeks. “We think we’re just getting started in how we can work together with Pluto TV for the benefit of our content and the company.”

Cheeks said that the Pluto TV/CBS alliance is “a great example of how having a big network and studio partnered closely with a FAST platform can supercharge our streaming ecosystem. Both of our teams are continually benefiting from insights and learnings around FAST programming performance to help define future strategies.”

The use of CBS archive content on Pluto TV makes sense. But it is likely to have an impact on the wider marketplace. Firstly, amid the cost of living crisis, it’s another reason for consumers to switch out of SVOD into AVOD. Secondly, Pluto TV’s increased reliance in in-house content could impact on the viability of third party FAST channels – which will be involved in more intense competition for viewers.

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