Google’s privacy chief in India resigns after less than six months

Google has suffered a major blow in India, with the company’s chief privacy officer leaving the company after less than six months.

Archana Gulati, who previously worked at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s federal think-tank, joined the company in May at a time when the government was beginning to implement tighter data and privacy regulation on big tech players.

The exec however has now resigned from his role, reports Reuters, though his reasons for leaving ‘were not immediately clear’.

Google is awaiting the outcome of a number of antitrust cases in India, with the country’s competition watchdog currently examining the company’s activity in the smart TV market, the Android operating system and its in-app payments system. 

Gurlati oversaw a team of public policy executives at Google which focuses on regulatory implications in India. She had spent five years working within Modi’s think tank, and previously was a senior official at the Competition Commission of India in its Mergers & Acquisitions division.

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