Skyline opens new facility in Sarajevo

Monitoring and orchestration specialist Skyline Communications has set up a new office in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which it says will enable it to tap into the local talent pool of this emerging tech centre.

With the new Sarajevo office, located in the Avaz Twist Tower, the company said it aims to keep up with the continued growth of Skyline and the rising demand of its innovative DataMiner software.

The office will be headed by Dean Muzicka.

“Today, the entire tech industry is in a constant state of flux. Our enabling software empowers organizations to build an agile ICT operation that can easily deal with unexpected changes and has the ability to continuously evolve. But we, too, need to evolve and improve continuously to keep offering the best possible platform out there.” said Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline.

“The success of Skyline is built on innovation and people. The new engineering hub in Sarajevo will support Skyline’s success story by tapping into a highly skilled talent pool and a dynamic emerging tech scene. Dean is the perfect man for the job. With his deep understanding of the Bosnian culture and his knowledge of the global tech scene, combined with his extensive DataMiner expertise, he has everything it takes to make our Sarajevo office flourish. It’s our goal to grow from 5 to 20 employees in just a few months’ time” said Frederik Vandenberghe, CFO at Skyline.

“I’m really excited to work with these amazingly talented people and support them in the expansion and evolution of this engineering hub. I’m very proud that Skyline has given me the opportunity to help the newly founded team reach its ambitions in my home country. This focus on personal and professional development is one of the reasons why Skyline is growing so fast,” said Muzicka.

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