11 million tune into Queen’s funeral from the US

More than 11 million Americans watched the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to Nielsen, around 11.4 million people in the US watched the funeral of the 96 year old monarch. 

The event was broadcast in the US by NBC News, CNN, ABC News and Fox News. It was streamed on NBC News Now, Paramount+ and Peacock, and was available on YouTube via UK news outlets such as ITV News, Sky News and BBC News.

International viewing figures have not yet been released, but Statista predicted that 4.1 billion would tune in from around the globe to make it by far the most-watched live event ever.

In the UK, a peak of 28 million Brits watched the funeral. The BBC said that a total of 32.5 million viewers watched at least three consecutive minutes of its coverage, with its overall audience peaking at 22.4 million at the time when the queen’s coffin was taken in a procession from Westminster Abbey through central London. 

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