Liberty Networks Germany begins fibre rollout

Liberty Networks Germany, the fibre joint venture between Liberty Global’s investment arm and InfraVia Capital Partners, has begun construction of its new full-fibre network in Germany.

Liberty Networks Germany plans to connect households and municipalities in Germany to an FTTH network operating under the new helloFiber brand, with construction starting this week in Rudersberg, a municipality in the Rems-Murr district of Baden-Württemberg.

Liberty Global operated the Unitymedia network in Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and North-Rhine Westphalia for a decade before selling the subsidiary to Vodafone. Unitymedia reached 13 million homes passed and 7.2 million customers by the time of its sale to Vodafone in 2019.

The new JV is focused on providing full-fibre networks to homes, concentrating in rural areas that don’t currently have fibre broadband services.

The company says it is also in active discussions with other underserved municipalities.

Liberty Networks Germany, which is in the process of raising funds for the rollout, leaning on the expertise of its shareholders in financing broadband infrastructure projects, recently appointed Christian Böing as CEO.

Böing said: “This ground-breaking ceremony marks the first step in Liberty Networks Germany mission to roll out powerful full-fibre broadband in underserved regions of the country. We look forward to see Liberty Networks Germany continue to build partnerships with municipalities to deliver powerful full-fibre broadband infrastructure to the parts of Germany that need it the most.”

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