DAZN launches DAZN Bet beta in the UK

Sports streamer DAZN has revealed the UK as its first beta market for its gambling brand DAZN Bet.

First announced in April, DAZN Bet marks the company’s foray into sports betting and is formed as a strategic partnership with gambling tech provider Pragmatic Group. It was pitched as a “fun, convenient, and integrated experience for casual bettors to enjoy,” and would offer gaming for both fun and financial reward.

Several months on from its initial reveal, DAZN has announced a beta launch in the UK with plans to launch in Spain and other European markets later this year.

The beta launch, the company said, will allow DAZN Bet to better understand how subscribers like to interact with gambling, and will provide the company with further insight as it looks to diversify its revenue streams. Further revenue plans include NFTs, ticket sales and merchandising opportunities. 

Mark Kemp, CEO, DAZN Bet, said: “The initial launch of DAZN Bet is the start of an exciting journey across media and sports betting and further delivers on commitments we have made to revitalise sports viewing for fans.”

“Today’s launch is only stage one. We are on a mission to create a richer product that is integrated into DAZN’s sports streaming service, where possible, providing sports fans with something much more immersive and interactive than what is currently available.

“It is a journey, and we begin it today.”

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