Swisscom blue helps stabilise broadband and TV base in competitive market

Swiss telco Swisscom’s fixed-line broadband connections and TV connections remained virtually stable year-on-year in the first half of 2022, at 2.03 million connections for broadband and 1.58 million connections for TV.

Swisscom said that the market for both broadband and TV was being driven by promotional offers.

The period saw the launch of Swisscom blue, the operator’s new ‘individualised subscription’ offering that allows users to tailor their packages via their My Swisscom app.

Customers who manage  their subscription via the app and exclusively use Swisscom’s digital assistant Sam as the first point of contact for queries pay CHF10 less per month on every Internet and mobile subscription.

Swisscom is progressively migrating customers of the legacy inOne combined product range to blue. The operator said that it had 1.78 million customers on blue as at the end of June 2022. blue accounts for 42% of all mobile subscriptions and 78% of fixed-line broadband connections in this group, while 43% use a combined offering.

Revenue from telecommunications services in the residential customer segment decreased by 0.3% to CHF1.927 billion in the first half of the year,

Overall, group revenue decreased by 1.6% to CHF5.494 billion, but were more of less flat at constant currency.

EBITDA was CHF2.191 billion, 5.4% down on the previous year. Excluding non-recurring items and at constant exchange rates, it increased by 1.0%.

“It was a strong first half. Swisscom’s good operating income in a challenging environment is impressive. Following the flat rates, digital TV and customisable subscription, we have set a further mark on the market with Swisscom blue and fully digitised the subscription,” said ,’ CEO Christoph Aeschlimann.

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